#2 What are the Steps that Lead to Self-determination?

The Euro-Africa colonial history serves as background and foundation to understand the steps that lead to self-determination as can currently be seen in action all across Africa. A blatant example is what is happening between the Association of Sahelian States (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger) and France in particular and the West in general.

Self-determination in this context means that you need to understand the European/Western’s cultural fabric (Asili), why they treated you the way they treated you, and how to break from it. According to Marimba Ani, the secret the Europeans understood early on was that culture carries the rule of thinking. So, if you can impose your culture on your victim, you could limit the creativity of their vision, destroying their ability to act with will and intent, and in their own interest. This explains the European’s political domination of Africa and much of the non-European world, which has been accompanied by a relentless cultural and psychological rape and by devastating economic exploitation. So, the following are a few steps that can lead to self-determination.

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