#7 When Culture becomes Ideology

The origin of European thought was ideological in nature because the European Collective Unconscious was already a fertile ground for the ideology of dominance and exploitation. For example, when you are hungry, your whole body is ready to eat. It is biological. Likewise, the Western psyche and cosmogony were ready for a bellicose and confrontational ideology aimed at acquiring and controlling power. Everything that unfolded from there became the culture representing a certain way of doing. Culture is created, and its creation represents its creator. Culture has to be conceived, designed, and implemented. When the Europeans started developing the whole Western thinking process, model, and system, it was carefully slipped into the educational system of that culture, so that insidiously, seamlessly, and naturally, that thinking model penetrated the psyche of different generations and then became a reality that nobody questioned. It became the European Culture, who they are, what they do, and how they do it. In that sense, Europeans politicized culture by giving it an ideological focus.

In conclusion, European Culture becomes an ideology when it goes like this: “My culture is how I think. This is what I consider to be the truth. This is what I consider to be the right way of doing things, and because you don’t do it like me, therefore your ways are primitive. Your ways are inferior if we compare the two ways of thinking and doing things, especially based on my scientific and technological achievements. I can stand on my high horses and tell you that your way of thinking is inferior to mine.” Culture has been politicized and idealized, thus denaturing its essence.

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