#10 Can we Control Nature?

In the beginning, we were all one with nature. Then, we started splitting when Plato made the difference between knowledge through the mind and knowledge through the senses. Before, when we were still one with nature, it was about representing the beauty of the universe and connecting with each other emotionally. We were all part of the human and cosmic experience because we belonged to the same original energy that directed us. Then, Plato had the vision to split from that way of being. He thought that way made human beings powerless. According to him, if you cannot demarcate between the thinking self and the object surrounding the thinking self, then you are subjugating the thinking self to the object around the thinking self. It is not possible for the thinking self to be part of that which surrounds it. It has to take responsibility and be able to think outside of that which surrounds it. Everything else outside the thinking self becomes an object, and the thinking self becomes the subject. The subject will act, and the object will receive the action. If the subject is the entity that can think, it means that entity is superior to the entity that cannot think. The entity that can think can control the entity that cannot think. That set the foundation for the West to think that they can control nature, the animals, and by extension control other humans that cannot think. This means that there is only a few number of people who have the ability to think and find universal truth. In other words, the majority of people think through their senses, and that is not knowledge, it is perception and opinion. But knowledge is the ability to think with the mind. We know through our mind because we think and reflect on the things that we perceive. Thinking is therefore superior to everything else. That was the demarcation point between Europe/West and the majority of the rest of the world. Other cultures still believe in being one with nature, holistic, balancing negative and positive, feeling and reason.

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