#13 The Origin of Inequality

In Western epistemology, symbols are changed to become objects. Things that were symbolic to the Africans and that connected them with nature became objects to the Europeans who needed to study them. The creation of an object requires a transformation of the universe. In order for you to create an object, you need to modify nature. The universe communicates with us in symbols, and you need to reach a certain level of understanding for the symbol to e clear to you, hence the need for initiation in African communities. But Western epistemology redefined initiation. Initiation now is to be taught a certain way of thinking, which has become Western academia in its current form. In this new paradigm, you can no longer experience the universe, you must objectify it. The mind is trained from birth to think in terms of dichotomies. Holistic concepts become almost impossible in this mindset. First, the dichotomy is presented. Then, the process of valuation occurs in which one term is valued and the other is devalued. They begin to teach their children that one is better than the other. One has more value than the other. And that is where you can see the seed of inequality and racism.

When you contrast the Western concept of Dichotomies with the Eastern concept of Yin and Yang and the African concept of Twinness, you can have a clear picture of how inequalities and racism are perceived around the world. The Yin and Yang and Twinness understand that opposites are complementary. Whereas Dichotomies are essentially antagonistic and confrontational in essence.

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