#19 The Secret of Happiness

When you are a prisoner of time, you set yourself up to be unhappy. Linear time brings anxiety and unhappiness. Linear time is unidimensional, having no breadth, depth, and has the illusion of length. When you chase illusion, you may become unhappy. When you live in the moment, you are on your way to happiness. When you don’t have time to be with yourself, with others, and listen to yourself and others, you may become unhappy. When you want to control everything, you may become unhappy. Redefine your place in this life and your role in it. If you segment your life and put it on an existential continuum and worry about what you were supposed to have achieved during that time, then you begin to worry about tomorrow, you are not living in the moment, setting yourself up to be unhappy. If you put things like age, gender, and societal requirements in context and give them a spiritual meaning, then you will not be controlled by those things. You will not worry about what is next, but you will be happy with what is now.


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