The Decline of France as an Exploiting Power in Africa

In the face of grief, there are various approaches and models to understand the process of mourning or managing difficult emotions. A widely recognized model is the five stages of grief, developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her book “On Death and Dying.” These stages describe the difficult situation in which France currently finds itself in Africa, namely:

  1. Denial: Initially, it can be hard to accept the reality of the loss. People may deny what has happened, feel numb, or disbelieve the situation.
  2. Anger: Once the reality of the loss begins to set in, anger may arise. People may feel frustrated, powerless, or angry at the situation or even at the departed person.
  3. Bargaining: In this phase, individuals may try to negotiate with themselves, with God, or with other entities to try to change the situation or turn back time. This may involve thoughts like “If only I had done this or that differently, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”
  4. Depression: At this stage, the reality of the loss begins to weigh heavily, and feelings of sadness, despair, and emptiness can be very intense. It’s a phase where deep sorrow is often felt, and one may struggle to find meaning in life without what has been lost.
  5. Acceptance: In this phase, people begin to accept the reality of the loss and find a way to live with it. This doesn’t necessarily mean the pain disappears completely, but rather it becomes more manageable, and one gradually finds a new balance in life.

It’s important to note that not everyone necessarily goes through these phases in this specific order, and each person may experience their own unique grieving process. Some individuals may also regress to earlier phases or go through the same phase multiple times before reaching acceptance. Ultimately, the grieving process is complex and personal, and there’s no right or wrong way to experience it.

Regarding France, it is still stuck in phase number 2, anger. It refuses to accept that Africans have opened their eyes, and it is angry with them. Africans are trying to encourage France to move towards phase number 3 so that it can finally start asking the right questions about itself.


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