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The Conceptual Institute is a research-based consulting firm on business and politics in Africa. We are a team of faculty, researchers, and experts located in every corner of the globe and committed to training, educating and empowering the next generation of thought leaders, social change agents, scholars, entrepreneurs and business pioneers.

We offer profound insights into the influence of history and culture on local business practices in Africa. These insights include geoeconomic, geopolitical, health science, social change, sociocultural, and war and conflict analyses that shape the culture and thought process of various African countries. These basics of doing business in Africa is a must course to have or training session to attend before even going on a business trip.

Workshop: “How to win trust when doing business in Africa”

When: January 24, 2024

Where: Nanyang Technological University-Singapore Business Federation (SBF)-Center for African Studies (CAS)

Attendance: 22 seasoned businesspeople


“Participating in Dr Ebede Ndi, Ph.D. workshop was truly enriching. Initially expecting a general session, I was pleasantly intrigued by Dr Ndi’s profound insights into the influence of history and culture on local business practices in Africa.

A private discussion afterwards provided an opportunity to share experiences in our African business endeavours. We are keen on future collaborations with Dr Ndi to further explore and communicate business opportunities for Singaporean companies in Africa. A round of applause to Amit Jain and his team at the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies (CAS) for curating this outstanding program.

Looking ahead, exciting plans are in motion, including business missions to Tanzania, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast in 2024. For those intrigued by these prospects, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we welcome your engagement in this promising venture.”

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