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The Decline of France as an Exploiting Power in Africa

Posted by on 4/26/24 in Uncategorized

In the face of grief, there are various approaches and models to understand the process of mourning or managing difficult emotions. A widely recognized model is the five stages of grief, developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her book “On Death and Dying.” These stages describe the difficult situation in which France currently finds itself in […]

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#20 Finding Happiness and Purpose

Posted by on 4/19/24 in Uncategorized

The feeling of inadequacy and unhappiness began with the dichotomies we imposed on ourselves. That deep desire to objectify and control everything is what causes our feelings of emptiness. For example, speaking of time from a Western epistemological perspective, past, present, and future are meaningful only in relationship to a linear sequence which is unidimensional. […]

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#19 The Secret of Happiness

Posted by on 4/17/24 in Uncategorized

When you are a prisoner of time, you set yourself up to be unhappy. Linear time brings anxiety and unhappiness. Linear time is unidimensional, having no breadth, depth, and has the illusion of length. When you chase illusion, you may become unhappy. When you live in the moment, you are on your way to happiness. […]

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#18 Can you Control Time?

Posted by on 4/16/24 in Uncategorized

“The gods are beings outside of time. Mortals are prisoners of time.” When you conceive time as being linear, then you begin to worry about a future you cannot control. When you separate time between the past, the present, and the future, then the future becomes something frightening because it cannot be controlled. Western epistemology […]

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#17 Spirituality and Science

Posted by on 4/14/24 in Uncategorized

Western epistemology delegitimizes the ways of thinking, speaking and knowing that don’t go through logic and critical thinking. Yet, emotions and feelings are spiritual stuff. They are manifestations of how you connect and relate. Spirituality is a very concrete thing. You can experience spirituality in everything, sleeping, walking, eating, making love, beauty, etc. But because […]

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#16 Gradual Disillusionment

Posted by on 4/10/24 in Uncategorized

When an African goes through the process of self-hatred and encounters an African American, the experience isn’t always a peaceful one. Examples of such encounters are given in this video.

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#15 The African-American Experience in the United States

Posted by on 4/10/24 in Uncategorized

It is astounding how African-Americans are portrayed in some US media. The person or entity that controls the narrative controls the problem. The lived experience of an African in the United States is told in this video.

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#14 The Black’s Side

Posted by on 4/9/24 in Uncategorized

Art should be used in a way that portrays black people in less darker lights. Black people should take the chance to tell their own story, not letting others tell their story for them. They should show how they see the world, and how they want the world to see them. black people should not […]

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#13 The Origin of Inequality

Posted by on 4/4/24 in Uncategorized

In Western epistemology, symbols are changed to become objects. Things that were symbolic to the Africans and that connected them with nature became objects to the Europeans who needed to study them. The creation of an object requires a transformation of the universe. In order for you to create an object, you need to modify […]

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#12 The Origin of Western Academia

Posted by on 4/2/24 in Uncategorized

Plato worked on the theory of the human and laid the foundations for the creation of Western academia. Several theories of humans and nature were developed later. Western academia in its current form is based on a way of knowing that strips the universe of its richness. Everything that is symbolic becomes objectified because they […]

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