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#10 Can we Control Nature?

Posted by on 3/29/24 in Uncategorized

In the beginning, we were all one with nature. Then, we started splitting when Plato made the difference between knowledge through the mind and knowledge through the senses. Before, when we were still one with nature, it was about representing the beauty of the universe and connecting with each other emotionally. We were all part […]

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#9 Are we all Cosmic Beings?

Posted by on 3/28/24 in Uncategorized

We are all cosmic beings. It doesn’t matter about the color of your skin. It doesn’t matter about your cultural background. We all have a common original energy. But it is how we channel that energy that differentiates us. For example, you have a seed of a tree or flower, and you plant it. When […]

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#8 The Origin of Culture

Posted by on 3/27/24 in Uncategorized

Life has always been there in the form and shape of energy. That energy transforms into living beings. Therefore, the core of a culture can only be engendered by the energy that has always been there. That culture then only demands to be shaped and molded based on personality. If your personality is bellicose, your […]

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#7 When Culture becomes Ideology

The origin of European thought was ideological in nature because the European Collective Unconscious was already a fertile ground for the ideology of dominance and exploitation. For example, when you are hungry, your whole body is ready to eat. It is biological. Likewise, the Western psyche and cosmogony were ready for a bellicose and confrontational […]

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#6 What is Culture?

Culture is that which remains after we have forgotten everything else. In that sense, it is not politicized. It simply describes who we are, what we do, and how we interact. Culture becomes politicized and idealized when it enters the realm of comparing and contrasting and pursuing control and power over others. Knowledge is useful, […]

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#5 Afterlife Immortality

Posted by on 3/19/24 in Uncategorized

The Concept of Collective Unconscious was developed based on African knowledge, which is described in the ancient Egyptians’ Journey of the Soul through the Twelve Hours, describing immortality or life after death. The African Collective Unconscious takes form in storytelling to distill knowledge, sometimes as myths that would serves as glue that connects Africans wherever […]

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#4 Primal Consciousness: The Cement that Binds Communities Together

Posted by on 3/18/24 in Uncategorized

Primal consciousness is the essence that functions to maintain the integrity and homogeneity of a people. This is manifest in the African way of life, which is based on community-living, on valuing life, on reaching out, on being loving and caring and warm. This is passed down from generation to generation through myths, stories, and […]

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#3 Intellectual Decolonization

Posted by on 3/16/24 in Uncategorized

The Europeans understood that the only way they could dominate Africa was culturally. And what is at the heart of African cultures? Spirituality. If you want to control an African, think in terms of spirituality and belief systems, because many Africans have a believing mindset. Below are a few steps to consider in order to […]

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#2 What are the Steps that Lead to Self-determination?

Posted by on 3/13/24 in Uncategorized

The Euro-Africa colonial history serves as background and foundation to understand the steps that lead to self-determination as can currently be seen in action all across Africa. A blatant example is what is happening between the Association of Sahelian States (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger) and France in particular and the West in general. Self-determination in […]

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#1 What is Asili?

Posted by on 11/12/21 in Social Change Analysis

In order to explain the root cause of racial bias and ethnic prejudice, we have developed a series of conversations of Marimba Ani’s 1994 book Yurugu, which are then divided into many short episodes. Yurugu in Dogon Mythology is a being responsible for disorder, disharmony, dehumanization, discrimination, racism, and hatred in the world. In this […]

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