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#7 When Culture becomes Ideology

The origin of European thought was ideological in nature because the European Collective Unconscious was already a fertile ground for the ideology of dominance and exploitation. For example, when you are hungry, your whole body is ready to eat. It is biological. Likewise, the Western psyche and cosmogony were ready for a bellicose and confrontational […]

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#6 What is Culture?

Culture is that which remains after we have forgotten everything else. In that sense, it is not politicized. It simply describes who we are, what we do, and how we interact. Culture becomes politicized and idealized when it enters the realm of comparing and contrasting and pursuing control and power over others. Knowledge is useful, […]

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#1 What is Asili?

Posted by on 11/12/21 in Social Change Analysis

In order to explain the root cause of racial bias and ethnic prejudice, we have developed a series of conversations of Marimba Ani’s 1994 book Yurugu, which are then divided into many short episodes. Yurugu in Dogon Mythology is a being responsible for disorder, disharmony, dehumanization, discrimination, racism, and hatred in the world. In this […]

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Whataboutism is not the answer

Posted by on 6/5/20 in Social Change Analysis

Whataboutism is not the answer Recently, in the wake of mass protests over the killing of George Floyd at the hands, or rather the knees, of a white cop, people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds have been coming forth with the following arguments: 1) What about Black-on-Black crimes in Chicago and elsewhere? And 2) […]

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