Diplomacy in Russia

Diplomatic Mission to Russia

From May 10 – 27, 2017, Ebede Ndi represented TCI on a Citizen Diplomatic Trip to Russia organized by The San Francisco-based Center for Citizen Initiative. The trip’s objective was to interview and interact with Russians of all stripes, hear what they think about US-Russia relations, deescalate the rhetoric between both countries, and encourage a rapprochement.

President Mikhail Gorbachev

Book signing

Dmitry Babich (right)

Vladimir Pozner

Vladimir Kozin

Andrey Kortunov

Red Square

Commingling with Russians

Arriving in Ekaterinburg

At the Eurasia border

Meeting with OPORA members

Tsar Nicholas II an family’s dumpsite

Meeting with the Mayor or Aramil

Meeting with US Consul General

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