The Black Experience: Why It Matters For Taiwan

Organized and Sponsored by BGBAT

Panelists To Do List

  1. Review the information below
  2. Be mindful of time (2 minutes per response)
  3. Arrive 15 minutes early for group check in
  4. Assume best intentions

All of this is open to change. It’s meant to move the conversation forward!
Note: Names in parentheses are who’s facilitating that section.


  • Welcome
BGBAT’s mission (Jane)
Overview (Daniel)Defining BLM (CJ)
10 minutes
  1. Self-Introductions (Panelists Only) (Jane)
Who’s in the Room 15
  • Creating Context: What does it mean to be a Black American in Taiwan? (Jane/Daniel)
See two options below (2 minutes each) 15
  • BLM and Implications for Taiwan (Daniel)
See two options below (2 minutes each) 15
  • Breakout Rooms (4) (Jane)
Open Discussion 20
  • Report Back (Daniel)
All-groups share Out (5 minutes each) 20
  • Closing (Jane)
Panelists Only 15
  • “After Party”
110 Minutes
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