Workshop Series: Anti-Blackness Biases

Workshop Series for the Instituto Familiar de la Raza
Training dates: October 13, 27; November 10; December 8.


During these four months, 2 hours per session series, we will focus on developing strategies to build individual’s and group’s capacity to understand structural, systemic and systematic racism. “The problem of racism takes several forms, including: the normative behavior of individuals, the policies of institutions, the invasion of a dominant culture, the medium of language, and the military targeting and enforcement of oppressive policies against people of color” (Shapiro, 2002). Racial and ethnic prejudice, intolerance, oppression and conflict have dominated our public discourse, especially in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an African American male, by a white cop, prompting national and international mass protests. Keeping this reality in mind, our workshop series will specifically focus on discussing anti-blackness biases, white privilege, internalized oppression and institutional gatekeepers. We will examine the sources and dynamics of racial and ethnic oppression and what principles and methods can be used to address the problems.


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