Past Events

A recap of our past events.

Nov 29
47th T-A Conference

47th Taiwan-American Conference on Contemporary China:  US-China Relations at the Cross Roads? On November 29, TCI's Ebede Ndi… Learn more

Aug 19
Culture in Japan

Cultural Exchange Trip to Japan From August 19 - 25, 2018, TCI's Ebede Ndi went on a cultural… Learn more

Nov 20
National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University Lecture On November 20, 2017, TCI's Ebede Ndi was invited to give a lecture at… Learn more

Jul 23

Identity in Taiwan Guest Speaker On July 23, 2017, TIC's Ebede Ndi was invited to give a lecture… Learn more

May 10
Diplomacy in Russia

Diplomatic Mission to Russia From May 10 – 27, 2017, Ebede Ndi represented TCI on a Citizen Diplomatic… Learn more

May 07
Open Space Meteorite Expo

Open Space Meteorite Expo On May 7, 2017, TCI's Ebede Ndi attended the largest open space meteorite expo… Learn more

Apr 16
English in the Park

English Day in the Park On April 16, 2017, TCI's Ebede Ndi took his students out for an… Learn more

Feb 22
Global Press Conference

Global Press Conference Picowork 2017 On February 22, 2017, TCI's Ebede Ndi and Paul Hsu attended a global… Learn more

Dec 31
St. John University

St. John University Lecture On December 31, 2017, TCI's Ebede Ndi was invited to give a lecture at… Learn more

Aug 20
Culture in Canada

Cultural Exchange Trip to Canada On August 20, 2014, TCI's Ebede Ndi attended First Nation Pow Wow ceremony… Learn more

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