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Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Conceptual Institute Founded?

In 2013, the founder of The Conceptual Institute identified the need to create a platform to train, educate and empower marginalized communities in leadership and self-reliance. Three years later, the Institute became a global organization, covering the areas of education, business, technology, governance and well-being. Today, the Conceptual Institute partners with a growing number of faculty and experts from around the globe to offer world-class expertise in their related fields.

What is the mission of The Conceptual Institute?

Our mission is to:

  • Train the next generation of thought leaders and equip them with the conceptual tools and techniques they need to be inspired and to inspire others.
  • Educate social change agents on the knowledge relevant to their activities so they can create an atmosphere of learning, reflection and commitment.
  • Empower entrepreneurs and business pioneers and help them build capacity to make sensible and streetwise investment decisions and apply the knowledge to real world problems.

Our vision is to build a network of self-critical, like-minded, and self-reliant individuals and communities around the world who are interested in exploring business opportunities in Africa. We rely on the commitment, integrity and collaboration of our faculty, experts and global community to carry out our mission. We aim to help our stakeholders:

  • Understand African business culture
  • Invest smartly in Africa
  • Prosper doing business in Africa

Who are The Conceptual Institute’s experts?

Our experts are world-renown professionals who come from elite universities, institutions, organizations and companies, and who are deeply knowledgeable in their related fields and programs. They serve as trainers, educators, business coaches and guest lecturers.

What kind of programs does the Institute offer?

Our programs are comprehensive and cover a wide range of fields and topics, including, but not limited to education, business, entrepreneurship, startups, international affairs, humanities, social sciences, leadership, technology, as well as holistic health. Our education programs deal with academic-related subjects, such as entrance exams, language tests, theses and dissertations, academic publications and editing. Our business programs offer total solutions to schools, institutions, organizations and companies, reducing training time and cost, while maximizing performance. Our holistic health programs center on alternative medical approaches, promoting health and wellness through spiritual, mental, emotional and physical techniques, leading to a variety of holistic health careers.

Where is the Institute located?

The Conceptual Institute is primarily an online platform with satellite representations around the world. Our programs, events and training are held both in-person and online. Each expert’s location is a de facto chapter of TCI. Consider joining our team of experts.

Does The Conceptual Institute offer degrees and accreditation?

 The Conceptual Institute does not offer degrees. Some programs offer transcripts and certificate of completion. Individuals who wish to negotiate academic credits at their home university should contact their individual universities for requirements. We primarily offer training workshops and conferences.

What are the costs for attending the Institute’s programs?

Costs vary for each program and can be set up between experts and participants. For more information about programs, please send a request.

How can we book a workshop or conference?

To book a workshop or conference, contact us by filling out this form

What are the Institute’s chapters?

TCI’s chapters are formed by our experts, community, and partners in their various locations around the world. If you want to start a chapter in your region and join our global community, send us a message by filling out this form .

How do I get involved?

Join our Team and Become a Member

If you are an innovator, an academic, an entrepreneur, a thought leader or a healer, you may consider joining our team and experts community.

 Find or Create your Local Community

Check our directory to see if TCI has a chapter near you. Consider joining or creating a chapter in your region and keep growing our global network.

Attend or Create an Event

Check our directory to see if TCI has an event near you. Consider joining or creating an event in your region and keep growing our global community.

Stay Informed

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