Mr. Collins Okanda

Taipei Terrific YoungStars

Areas of Expertise:

Physical Education.

Children Physical and Mental Development.


About Collins and YoungStar:

Taipei Terrific YoungStars is a Soccer Club based in Taipei, Taiwan. The Club was founded by Dr. Alex Chiou in 2004, and he is also a member of the coaching team. Collins is the Head Coach of the team. Taipei Terrific YoungStars accepts players as young as 2.5 years of age and up to 15 years of age. Players are mostly grouped and trained at sessions based on their abilities but of course when the age gap is too obvious, we do not overlook it.

Taipei Terrific YoungStars FC is a Club with a clear vision and mission. We intend to help grow Taiwan football and help put Taiwan on the football map by bringing up good players. To achieve all these goals, we have 17 main technical and physical skills that we teach all our players, and the level of difficulty varies based on age groups. Taipei Terrific YoungStars FC uses mostly English during coaching sessions as we also hope our players can improve their English. Below are all 17 technical and physical skills:

  1. Footwork: We teach our players how to execute their individual technical moves such as step over, pull back, juggle, and change of direction.
  1. Control: Players are taught the correct foot surface and body part to use when controlling the ball. They’re also taught how to transit from control action to movement; integration with flow of the game.
  1. Dribbling: Our players are taught on how to control and change pace and direction with the ball.
  1. Shooting: They’re taught the appropriate foot surface for striking the ball with a sole aim of boosting their shooting power and accuracy.
  1. Short Passing: The players learn how to make accurate passes of up to 10 yards with the use of the proper foot surface. We help them understand the proper passing destination, and how to space and receive passes as well.
  1. Long Passing: They are taught how to make long passes of up to 25 yards with accuracy in mind at all times
  1. Heading: Our players are taught how to head the ball confidently and towards a proper direction.
  1. Tackling: YoungStars are taught how to tackle and the importance of timing and effectiveness when tackling.
  1. Vision and Game Reading: We believe that players with better vision and game reading abilities do extremely well during matches. So, for that reason, we always do our best to help players understand game dynamics and player positioning. We encourage them to raise their heads to look for players and to scan their shoulders before receiving a pass. They’re also taught the use of support, wide spaces, game shifting and rotation.
  1. Positional Play in Offense: We teach them the dynamics of offensive play; follow game flow and recover to assigned position on game resets
  1. Positional Play in Defense: We help our players understand the dynamics in defensive play; executing pressure, marking and covering concepts and of course teach them how to recover to assigned position on game resets.
  1. Players are helped and encouraged to boost their ability to communicate with team players in a positive, constructive and effective way. They’re also taught how to call for ball, players and positions.
  1. Game Rules and Instructions: Better understanding of the rules of the sport is very important, so we help players on that as well, and we encourage them to maintain focus on task.
  1. Decision Making: The ability to think under pressure is an important factor when it comes to player building. Players are encouraged to think even when under a lot of pressure and change actions according to game situations.
  1. Speed: Consistently beating opponents to the ball is what every coach wants to see his or her players do, so we help players boost their speed with the help of different kinds of speed boosting trainings.
  1. Stamina: Resistance to effort; our players are taught the recovery dynamics within the game.
  1. Attitude and Effort: Working hard on all circumstances encourages others on the team and accepting game decisions with positive attitude contributes to team spirit.

Training Venues and extra Info for players interested:

Taipei Terrific YoungStars FC trains at two different venues.

On Wednesdays – Xizhi Sports Park, Xizhi. 5:30pm-7:00pm

(2.5-6year olds).   7:30pm-9:00pm (7-13-year olds).

On Thursdays- Xizhi Sports Park, Xizhi. 5:30pm-7:00pm

(2.5-6year olds).   7:30pm-9:00pm (4-11year olds).

On Fridays – Xizhi Sports Park, Xizhi 7:45-9:15pm (2.5-11-year olds)

On Saturdays- Daan Forest Park, Taipei 4:00pm-6:00pm (2.5-15-year olds).

On Saturdays- Xizhi Sports Park, Xizhi 7:30pm-9:00pm

(2.5-11-year olds)

On Sundays- Daan Forest Park, Taipei 4:00pm-6:00pm

(2.5-15 year olds).

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