Dr. Peter Eng

Areas of Expertise:


International Business/Finance.

Transpersonal Psychology/Studies.

Addiction and Recovery.

Social Studies.

About Peter:

Born into a business-related family, Dr. Peter Eng spent his youth in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Canada. As a graduate of Brandeis (history/BA) and Columbia (international business/MIA) universities, Peter’s early pursuits were in the areas of finance. However, over a decade ago, he embarked on a personal investigation into the realm of transpersonal studies. In turn, this endeavor led to the pursuit of a master’s degree in counseling from Southwestern College and a doctorate in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. His dissertation is titled, “Piercing the Veil of Learned Helplessness: A Transpersonal Model of Addiction” and he has published papers in Pastoral Psychology, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and Addiction Research and Theory. Currently, he is teaching social studies in public high schools and occasionally writes commentaries on the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and positive social change. He resides in San Francisco, California.

Seminal publications:

“Theorizing a more radical approach to addiction through the lens of participatory spirituality” the Journal of Addiction Research and Theory, (2019)

“Hidden Dragons: The Revitalizing of Vancouver’s Chinatown From Humanistic Perspectives” the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1–22 (2017)

“Saints Run Mad 2.0: Further Deliberations on Recovery from Addictions Through a Transpersonal Lens” the Journal of Pastoral Psychology, 64(6) 783-910 (2015).


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