Mr. Phillip Watson

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About Phillip:

Described as: “A Beautiful African Descendant,” and “A Fine Black Professional.”  “Will tell you when you’re being a racist” if asked.

Mr. Phillip Watson is filmmaker, comedian and therapist. He spent twenty years working in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a community worker, case manager, and recently as a psychotherapist. While working as a community worker, Phillip has used creative writing, and standup comedy to serve as means of self-healing. When he is not working on his next project, he trains and looks forward to helping others build and strengthen relationships. His other areas of interest include: Egypt/Kemet, Gestalt, African Psychology, Comedy, Neuroplasticity, Relational Psych.  History, Multi-Culturalism, A-culturation, Self-Psychology, Hakomi, Racism, Cinema, Geo Politics, EMDR, and Jazz music.

In his own words: “I culturally identify as African Descended, African, or Black.  I’m also waking to my Afro Latino roots. I am currently learning the Spanish Language, and have tours of Africa planned.”

Invite him to your office for a group training experiment experience: Building a better office environment.


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