Ms. Alaya A. Dannu

Areas of Expertise:

Ancestral Dreaming and Identity Development.

Transpersonal Psychology.

Women Spirituality.

About Alaya:

Alaya A. Dannu, MTP (aka Diya Prajnaparamita) is a woman of mixed heritage, born in Texas, raised in NYC. She is an author, a creative artist, and sacred dancer. Alaya endeavors to illuminate the nature and importance of ancestral dreaming, its ability to enhance the academic and scholarly inquiry, and bring awareness to a matrilineal tradition that has not been explored or discussed within the fields of dream research and women’s spirituality.

Combining her background in Transpersonal Psychology and more than 15 years of dream documentation, part of her purpose in life is to re-establish this matrilineal tradition as it has been revealed to her through her dreams and shamanic journeys. Alaya’s three-year, three months, and three-week ancestral pilgrimage that was crafted and revealed to her by her ancestors in her dreams, has served to reinforce the importance of knowing and honoring one’s origins, true identity, and purpose in life.

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