Academic and Creative Writing

The art of writing well does not emerge in a flash of inspiration, but it is the fruit of the hard work involved in the drafting and revision process, and in collaboration with peers, tutors and coaches. Academic genres such as “literature review,” “research paper,” “comprehensive exam,” “essay,” or “dissertation proposal” vary widely, and so does their familiarity with drafting and revision strategies, and the grammatical and stylistic nuances of the language. Even if you are writing the next great novel, the process is the same.

In this program,

  1. We assess your writing
  2. We help you build confidence in yourself
  3. We develop a working plan
  4. We help you produce the best writing that meets the required standards

After you finish working with us, you will have learned all the skills, tricks, techniques and strategies involved in the writing process.

Academic and Creative Writing Professors

Academic and Creative Writing is available at these campuses:
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