English Literacy

In this program, we offer high standard business English training, TOEFL and IELTS preparation, in particular; and English literacy, language acquisition and language education, in general. We also prepare you for college admission, help you with your essay writing, conference presentation, and provide you with the best training that will prepare you for a bright future in your defined project.

This program is also covers the following:

Designed by three active researchers in the fields of Language Education, Linguistics and Psychology, Easy A Academics is your academic genie in a bottle: at your service when you need us, on reserve when you don’t. Our services include:

Customized Test Preparation: The Ph.D. Solutions Difference

Easy A Academics’ three-step assessment process targets students’ specific problem areas to provide the most focused and efficient skill development.

Step 1: Students take a complimentary full-length version of the test under timed conditions.

Step 2: We provide a free consultation to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: Our team develops an 8-week program (24 hours of instruction) based on the results, custom-designed for optimal skills improvement.

Presentation coaching

Our six-week English for International Conference Presentations workshop is designed for researchers to develop their written and oral presentation skills in English in order to present their research at international conferences. Students will learn how to:

  1. Organize and write the subsections of a conference paper, including the introduction, methodology, results and discussion sections.
  2. Compose effective and coherent PowerPoint slides to supplement their oral presentations.
  3. Master frequently-used phrases and discourse structures used in presentation of data.
  4. Use intonation and other emphasis strategies to highlight the main points of their oral presentations.
  5. Deal with the most terrifying part of a conference presentation: the question-and-answer session.

Research Writing Workshops

In this six-week workshop, researchers how they can use their ability to read research in their own fields to improve their writing.

Participants will discover the conventions of structure, organization, grammar and vocabulary most commonly used in research writing, then learn how to reproduce those conventions in their own work.

Individual sessions include: how to write an introduction, writing about methodology, writing up results, writing the discussion/conclusion sections, and writing abstracts.


English Literacy Professors

English Literacy is available at these campuses:
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