Light Language Channeling

Light Language Channeling is a healing tool based on sound and frequency.  It has been used for centuries across all traditions, including Shamans, Greek and Egyptian Mythology. Light language varies from activator to activation.  It can sound like animal sounds, clicks, pulses, tones, songs and spoken dialects. Moreover, Light Languages are high frequency languages thought to come from extra-terrestrial entities who wish to assist humanity in evolving their consciousness. Channeling these beings greatly enhances the energetic field and elucidates our reality and life purpose. We can learn, evolve and grow, and we look forward to continuing to connect with others who share this same passion and wish to assist in healing ourselves and our planet. In this program, we help you experience something different, ancient, wise and sacred.

Light Language Channeling Professors

Light Language Channeling is available at these campuses:
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