Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

In this program, we cover the planning, construction and designing aspect of all your marine and sea going vessels (ships, yachts, powerboats, steamers, tugs, fishing boats, barges, warships, cruise ships, icebreakers and even submarines). Our expert (s) come (s) up with accurate architectural and design plans, right from core areas like the vessel’s size to the density of its hull and usage of materials that will bring out the efficiency of the vessel. We provide the best views on new developing marine details and the varying needs, and we inculcate these details while designing and manufacturing ships and other marine structure. This program also covers ocean policies and the areas of concern for modern navigators, as well as the technological requirements for further establishment of engineering wonders across the seas. Join us and enjoy this naval and marine wonderland.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Professors

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is available at these campuses:
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