Social Change Analysis

Anti-woke Analysis of Social Change

This is an anti-woke analysis of social change. Although we do believe in Deversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we don’t believe in using this triptych as a political tool to advance slelfish political interests. We look at it from a purely humanist perspective. We are trying to create an atmosphere of learning, reflection and commitment. So, enough background and context about the history of inequity and discrimination are important.

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Values Realities
All men are created equal…


…was revolutionary at the time, but when Jefferson spoke these words, they applied to White male property owners.
With liberty and justice for all… …yet, as a country, we condemn and incarcerate Black people at far higher rates than White people for the same offenses.
Of the people, by the people, and for the people…  

…yet our elected leaders and the leaders of businesses, schools, foundations and non-profits don’t come close to the diversity of our communities.


Background: Brief History of Racism in the United States

Explicit racism:

From Explicit racism to race-neutral:


From race-neutral to explicitly advancing racial equity:

Myths About Race and Racism 

Race is biological:

Color Blind (I don’t see color):

It’s wealth, not race:



Explicit bias vs Implicit bias

Explicit Bias is conscious and expressed directly

Implicit Bias is unconscious and expressed indirectly


 Individual racism

Bigotry or discrimination by an individual based on race.

I.e., a bank teller doesn’t offer a Black customer the same financial options as a White customer because of assumptions      about net worth, debt, or interest in wealth-building.


 Institutional racism

Policies or practices that work better for White people than for People of Color, often unintentionally or inadvertently.

I.e., the bank offers a lucrative investment account anyone can sign up for, but it requires a $5,000 minimum. Policies     which require wealth to build new wealth disadvantage communities of color, who have historically been denied access to   wealth.


 Structural racism

A history and current reality of racism across institutions, combining to create a system that negatively impacts Communities of Color.

I.e., the bank isn’t accessible by public transit or has limited hours; it is legally obligated to put shareholders first; etc.




NB: most of the material and data used in this analysis are taken and adapted from Government Alliance on Race & Equity.

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