The Conceptual Scope of other Programs

The Conceptual Institute offers a series of consulting services, including academic and creative writing mentorship, English tests preparation, school admission application procedures, editing, and cross-cultural communication.

Academic writing

Academic genres such as literature reviews, research paper, journal articles, comprehensive exams, essays, or dissertation proposals vary widely, and so does their familiarity with drafting and revision strategies, and the grammatical and stylistic nuances of the language. In this program,

Creative writing

Creative writing highlights your imagination, logic and thinking, while making your writing enjoyable. In this program,


Editing is a craft. Practicing a craft means recognizing and transcending its constraints. Creativity lets the editor work within constraints yet solve each problem uniquely. As no two potters fashion the same bowl, no two writers write the same book. And no two editors edit a manuscript the same way (Tarutz, 1992). In this program, we:

English tests preparation

This program covers:

School admission procedures

This program includes:

Cross-cultural communication  

In this program, we cover concepts like:

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