Yoga Psychology

“Yoga psychology is both a positive and a normative science. It not only analyses human personality and its growth, but sets normative ideals and prescribes techniques to achieve such objectives, as well. Thus, expansion of consciousness and making oneself the master of his/her mind are the broad objectives of yoga psychology. The topological aspect of mind as described by Freud in terms of conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels was well detailed in the yogic literature, thousands of years ago. The sound practice of yoga enables one to have a disease-free body and keen intellect.” (Kumar, 2013)

In this program, we focus on vivid and sound meditation procedures for the attainment of psychic consciousness through the awakening of kundalini. We help you balance your homeostasis, because any sort of imbalance in the system — physical, psychological or pranic — creates disorders and the solution lies in rebalancing it. Join us and enjoy a fully balanced life.

Yoga Psychology Professors

Yoga Psychology is available at these campuses:
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